Anderson Clan Tartan
Anderson Clan Tartan

Anderson Clan Tartan

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Anderson Clan Tartan Cell phone Cases

Clan Anderson

  • Motto: "Stand Sure" 
  • Crest: An oak tree Proper 
  • Gaelic Name: Mac Aindrais
  • Badge: On a wreath of the liveries, an oak tree Proper within a circlet belt & buckle
  • Lands: Aberdeenshire, Banff & Moray
  • Origin of Name: "Son of Andrew"
  • Tartan: First seen in 1815 when collected by the "Highland Society of London." It has an azure field and it is one of several Scottish tartans woven with seven colours

Septs/Associated Families 

Andrew, Anderson, Andrews, Gillanders, MacAndrew, M'Anderson          

  • Very protective, Soft, rubberized TPU
  • Shock/Drop resistant
  • Access to all ports
  • Covers back and sides
  • Beautiful and durable Matte finish