Fergusson Clan Tartan
Fergusson Clan Tartan

Fergusson Clan Tartan

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Fergusson Clan Tartan Cell phone Cases 

Clan Fergusson

Gaelic Name: MacFhearghuis
Motto: Dulcius ex asperis (Sweeter after difficulties)
Badge: Little sunflower
Lands: Argyll, Perthshire, Dumfries and Galloway
Origin of Name: Gaelic, Fearghas (Angry)
Clan Chief: Sir Charles Fergusson of Kilkerra

Septs/Associated Families

Forgan, Fergie, Fergus, Fergushill, Fergussill, Farries, Ferrie, Ferries, Ferris(s), Forgie, Furgerson, Grevsack, Hardie, Hardy, Ehsanian, Hemmati, Kiddie, Kydd, Keddie, Keddle, Ketchen, Kidd, Madani, MacTavert, MacHerries, MacFergus, MacFerries, MacFerris, MacAdie, MacCade, MacErries, MacHerries, MacKerras (especially common in Argyll and Australia), MacKersey, MacKestan, MacFhearghuis, MacMagnus, MacIrish, and MacInlay

Ferguson although a Clan in it’s own right is down as a sept of Clan MacNaughton

  • Shock/Drop resistant
  • Access to all ports
  • Covers back and sides
  • Beautiful and durable Matte finish