Fraser (Hunting) Clan Tartan
Fraser (Hunting) Clan Tartan

Fraser (Hunting) Clan Tartan

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Fraser (Hunting) Clan Tartan Cell phone Cases

Clan Fraser

  • Gaelic Name: Friseal
    Motto: All my hope is in God
    Clan Badge: Yew
    Clan Lands: East Lothian, Aberdeenshire
    Origin of Name: French fraisse (Strawberry)
    Clan Chief: The Rt. Hon. The Lady Saltoun

Septs/Associated Families 

Brewster, Cowie, Frew, Frissel, Frizell, MacCimmie, MacGruer, MacKim, MacKimmie, MacSimon, MacShimes, MacTavish, McCoss, M’ktaus, Oliver, Sim, Sime, Simon, Simpson, Simson, Sims, Syme, Symon, Twaddle, and Tweedie     

  • Very protective, Soft, rubberized TPU
  • Shock/Drop resistant
  • Access to all ports
  • Covers back and sides
  • Beautiful and durable Matte finish