MacDonald Clan Tartan
MacDonald Clan Tartan

MacDonald Clan Tartan

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MacDonald Clan Tartan Cell phone Cases 

Clan MacDonald

Gaelic Name: MacDhomhnuill
Motto: Per mare per terras (By sea and by land)
Badge: Heather
Lands: The Western Isles
Origin of Name: Gaelic, Domhnull (World ruler)
Historic Seat: Finlaggan Castle, Islay
Clan Chief: The Rt. Hon. The Lord MacDonald

Septs/Associated Families

Alexander, Beath, Beaton, Bethune, Bowie, Budge, Colson, Conn, Connall, Connell, Coull, Cram, Crum, Danalds, Darroch, Donald, Donaldson, Donillson, Donelson, Donnelson, Drain, Galbraith, Galt, Gilbride, Gorrie, Gowan, Gowrie, Hawthorn, Hewison, Houstoun, Howison, Hudson, Hughson, Hutcheonson, Hutchinson, Hutchison, Isles, Kellie, Kelly, Kinnell, Leitch, Mac a' Challies, MacBeth, MacBeath, MacBheath, MacBride, MacBride, MacBryde,[3] MacCaishe, MacCall, MacCash, MacCeallaich, MacCodrum, MacColl, MacConnell, MacCook, MacCooish, MacCrain, MacCuag, MacCuish, MacCuitein, MacCurry, MacCutcheon, MacDaniell, Macdrain, MacElfrish, MacElheran, MacGorrie, MacGorry, MacGoun, MacGowan, MacGown, MacHugh, MacHutchen, MacHutcheon, MacIan, Macilreach, Macilriach, Macilleriach, Macilrevie, Macilvride, Macilwraith, MacIsaac, MacKean, MacKellachie, MacKellaig, MacKelloch, MacKiggan, MacKinnell, MacLairish, MacLardie, MacLardy, MacLarty, MacLaverty, MacLeverty, MacMurchie, MacMurdo, MacMurdoch, MacO'Shannaig, MacQuistan, MacQuisten, MacRaith, MacRorie, MacRory, MacRuer, Macrurie (Contester of the Lord of the Isles), MacRury, MacShannachan, MacSorley, MacSporran, MacSwan, MacWhannell, Martin, May, McCool, McReyolds, McRuer, Murchie, Murchison, Murdoch, Murdoson, Murphy, O'Drain, O'May, O'Shannachan, O'Shaig, O'Shannaig, Patton, Purcell, Ryrie, Revie, Reoch, Riach, Rorison, Shannon, Sorley, Sporran, Train, Whannel, Wheelans, Wheelens, Whillans, Whillens, Wilkie, Wilkinson, Wilkins, Willans, Willens

  • Shock/Drop resistant
  • Access to all ports
  • Covers back and sides
  • Beautiful and durable Matte finish